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Make sure you clean out your vacuum regularly

You use it to clean your house, but when was the last time you cleaned your vacuum cleaner? And I don’t just mean emptying the bag (on a central vacuum system) or dirt receptacle (on bag-less mo...

6 items you shouldn't suck up with the vacuum cleaner.

No matter how whizz-bang you’ve been told your vacuum cleaner’s suction is (bowling ball experiment, I'm thinking of you), some everyday items around the home will always be its...

Carpets that are not regularly cleaned are bad for your health

Carpets that are not regularly cleaned are bad for your health   Even when our carpets appear to look clean, and we feel a slight sense of joy at not having to haul out the vacuum, there can...

What do my carpets need: vacuum cleaning or steam cleaning?

Whether you are a homeowner, renter, commercial property manager or accommodation coordinator, managing your property’s maintenance always ends up in a huge to-do list.   But when it...

How to make the house cleaning more enjoyable

We all know spring’s the season of doing all those cleaning jobs we’ve neglected all year – the sun is out, the wind is warmer, and we feel compelled to throw open the doors and...

The best vacuum cleaner hacks

You’ve invested in a central vacuum system. It’s powerful, quiet and easy to use. Get the job done even faster with our top tips.   Our 8 best vacuum hacks   Tidy first If ...

What is the difference between a ducted vacuum and a central vacuum system?

Are you currently considering a new vacuum cleaner? Is your old vacuum not performing as well as it should? Well, if you’re ready for something different compared to your conventional vacuum,...