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Carpets that are not regularly cleaned are bad for your health


Carpets that are not regularly cleaned are bad for your health


Even when our carpets appear to look clean, and we feel a slight sense of joy at not having to haul out the vacuum, there can be hidden health hazards lurking in the fibres that can make us sick.


Often, simple vacuuming can cause these hazards to become airborne, which can lead to respiratory problems or other illnesses - especially for those with a weak immune system.


The threats can also be harmful to our skin as well, through direct exposure, which is especially bad if you have children or infants playing on the surfaces on a regular basis.


In light of all this, here are some of the dangers that could be hiding away in your carpets, if they're not deep cleaned on a regular basis.


Dust mites


Did you know that household dust is made up primarily of dead human skin flakes? If that wasn't gross enough, these specs are also the primary food source for dust mites.


These pests are common in dirty carpets and are a common trigger for asthma attacks and other allergies.


Pet dander


Our pets also shed skin cells, which is called dander. This can cause problems for those that are allergic to domestic animals, triggering the symptoms even if the pets are outside and the carpet has been vacuumed here and there. It takes proper cleaning to eliminate dander effectively.


Cockroach allergens


They're nasty enough in the looks department, but it's what they leave behind (even if you never see them around) that can cause the actual harm. Saliva, faeces and shedding body parts can all be kicked up by weak vacuuming and can have the same effects as dust mites.


Particle pollution


There are all sorts of solid and liquid droplets suspended in the air which are called particles - some of which even come from space. These can bond with your carpet and create a health hazard when disturbed.




Lead poisoning is a serious concern for both children and adults. While the use of lead in paint, pencils and other household items has been dramatically reduced over the years, it is still present and can become lodged in your flooring.


Mould spores


These are the reproductive units of moulds and other fungi and can cause these to spread through your carpet, often unseen deep within the fibres or the matting under the surface.




The sprays we use to control pests need to settle somewhere, and they often end up on our floors, with only thorough cleaning measures enough to remove them.


How to clean your carpets properly


Powerful ducted vacuum systems can extract all of the nasties in your carpets without the mess and fuss of dealing with bags or cylinders.


Our systems provide a full network for your home, allowing for all dirt to be safely deposited in external bins which can be disposed of safely.


Melbourne Centravac can provide solutions for new homes or existing properties, all from leading brands including Volta and Electrolux.


Contact us today on 0425 808 500 to discuss the best ducted vacuum system for your needs.