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How to make the house cleaning more enjoyable


We all know spring’s the season of doing all those cleaning jobs we’ve neglected all year – the sun is out, the wind is warmer, and we feel compelled to throw open the doors and dust off the cobwebs. But, at the end of a long workday (or week), most of us find it hard to muster up the enthusiasm to dust, vacuum, mop, scrub, spit and polish our homes.


Unless you’re lucky enough to be able to outsource, there’s no avoiding regular household chores and maintenance tasks if you want a tidy home. But there are a few clever hacks you can make routine that will keep your home bright, breezy and clean, make house cleaning a game the whole family can play and cut down on your weekly cleans, too.


  1. Turn up the volume. Make a special cleaning playlist full of boppy, high energy songs you love and crank it up whenever you get out the vacuum or broom. See if you can make a dance routine using your cleaning appliances – if your family's also taking part, compete to see who can choreograph the best ‘clean machine dance.' Add a small prize for the winner to ramp up the competitive vibe.
  2. Make your bed. Before leaving the house each day, make it a rule to pull your bedding together. It's incredible how a made bed can instantly make your bedroom look clean, even if the rest of the room isn't picture-perfect.
  3. Burn off calories and stress. The good news is a vigorous home clean can burn off extra calories and the stress of the week as well. Think about it – you’re lifting, pushing, swiping, and carrying – so aim to pick up your feet double time and make it into a real workout. Strap on a pedometer to see how much you lose – there’s nothing like a positive reward to make a chore fun.
  4. Download a cleaning app. There are now apps that you can share with your family to make cleaning a game, complete with points, scoreboards, rewards and more. Don’t be afraid to add bribery to the mix with mutually-agreed prizes for those who make the top of the list each week. If you’ve got young children, consider a five-minute countdown after breakfast or before bed (or both!). Get everyone to pitch in for a quick tidy session – pop items away, wipe down the kitchen counters, stow toys and hang up jackets. Everything will feel instantly more spic, span and organised.
  5. Baby wipe the bathroom. With a container of wipes nearby, it’s a snap to give the sink a quick clean after use. No more toothpaste dribbles!
  6. Install a cleaning bin. Keep a soft, expandable laundry bin handy for stashing items that don't belong in a location and delivering them to where they should be. This is an excellent solution for young children because you can make cleaning up their mess a game – get them to decorate the bin however they see fit and pretend it’s a train, truck or caterpillar whose only job is to deliver things to their proper places.
  7. Set a timer. See how much you each of you can do in ten minutes, and make sure you reward the person who ticks off the most chores in the allotted time. Assign a time for each cleaning task, then try to beat your goal.
  8. Squeegee shower glass. Keep a squeegee handy and get everyone to give the glass a once over after they've showered. It'll only take around 20 seconds, and water spots and grime will be a thing of the past.