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The best vacuum cleaner hacks


You’ve invested in a central vacuum system. It’s powerful, quiet and easy to use. Get the job done even faster with our top tips.


Our 8 best vacuum hacks


Tidy first

If your floors look like an obstacle course, it’s going to take you twice as long to do the job. Take a few minutes to pick up anything on the floor before you start. Take particular care in living areas and children’s play zones to avoid accidentally sucking up plastic toys, or that stray sock, which could clog the hose or damage your central vacuum system. Give yourself a clean sweep and it will save time and prevent bigger problems.


Start at the top

It makes sense doesn’t it? When you wipe a surface, the dirt falls on to anything underneath so dust before you vacuum. Start from the top and work your way down.


Use your ducted vacuum to tackle anything that’s tricky to reach. Use the brush attachment to easily clean window sills, lamps and light fittings, picture frames, mirrors, blinds, shelves, even rows of books. Wipe all your ornaments and dust your furniture. Any dirt you don’t pick up on will fall on the floor. Vacuum last and you’re done.


Upstairs, downstairs

For the same reason, tackle upstairs rooms first then vacuum the stairs before you tackle the ground level. Dust falls down and even a lightweight hose is easier to move down each step than up.


Find your groove

Golf courses and bowling greens look perfect because they’re mown in neat, straight lines. That’s also the fastest way to mow. The same applies to vacuuming but most people take the long way, pushing the vacuum forward and back with lots of short to and fro movements. It takes twice as long and make it harder to keep track of where you’ve been. That’s why search and rescue teams work methodically in a straight line!


The most efficient way to vacuum is simply straight up and down the room to make sure you don’t miss anywhere. Central vacuum systems are so powerful you won’t need to go back over the same area twice.


Tough spots

Baking soda is your best friend to tackle stains on carpets, rugs and upholstery that you can’t put in the washing machine. Sprinkle a little on the surface to soak up any odours, let it sit for half an hour then vacuum away!



Re-arranging the furniture but left with dents in the carpet? Here’s a handy hack to revive the pile. Pop an ice cube on the dent. As it melts, the fibres swell and return to shape. Vacuum and the fibres will stand up straight again.


Take the edge off

Corners trap dirt which accumulates against hard edges, especially if you’ve got wooden floors or tiles. Use the crevice tool of your ducted vacuum to pick up all the dust in your corners. Get in to the edge of carpet against your skirting boards or around the base of furniture where dirt builds up. Vacuumed edges make the whole carpet looks cleaner.


Lost and found

Dropped something on the floor that you can’t find? Pop an old pair of pantyhose over the nozzle of your ducted vacuum and keep it in place with a rubber band. Turn the vacuum on for a power search to find and suck up that tiny toy, missing ear-ring or dropped diamond, and the pantyhose will stop it from being sucked out of sight!


The final word

With a central vacuum system and these handy hacks you’ll clean better – and faster!