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What do my carpets need: vacuum cleaning or steam cleaning?


Whether you are a homeowner, renter, commercial property manager or accommodation coordinator, managing your property’s maintenance always ends up in a huge to-do list.


But when it comes to keeping your carpets looking fresh, it’s often a problematic exercise depending on the volume of traffic walked over them and the types of stains they are exposed to.


For some carpets, vacuum cleaning will extract most of the dirt and will keep your floors in serviceable condition. In other instances, steam cleaning is required to effectively pull the dirt out and bring your carpets back to life.


So which option is best for you?


Vacuum cleaning


Of course, regular vacuum cleaning is essential for the ongoing maintenance of any form of carpet.

But commercial vacuum cleaners can bring a high-end service to your property to remove dirt and stains that a residential-grade machine cannot.


Pros of vacuuming


Purchasing an industrial vacuum cleaner allows you to save hard-earned money in the long-run, as well as equips you with a powerful tool that will get the job done properly. As they can efficiently remove dust, dirt, mites or other allergens from the surface quickly, having a professional-grade model on hand gives you the coverage you need to clear up a large area of floor space rapidly.


Cons of vacuuming

While vacuuming can make your carpets look clean, only the first few layers of the fibres are usually given the attention.


Over time, the dirt may have become fused with the carpet and if left for long periods of time, can cause them to wear out faster, resulting in your floors deteriorating over time. Additionally, bacteria in the fibres can also create odours and provide risks for people suffering from asthma or allergies.


Steam cleaning


Steam cleaning involves chemicals and water being applied to the carpet for a deep clean that removes the dirt attached to the fibres. The chemical/water combination is sprayed onto the carpet and left to soak in before a professional wet vacuum removes everything – chemicals, water and dirt.


Pros of steam cleaning

This is the best and most effective way of removing dirt that is stuck deep in the fibres of your carpet.

The hot water and chemicals will dislodge the deepest dirt particles, as will the water spray, while this method is also effective in removing stains caused by coffee, wine and pets. Perfect for those end-of-lease needs.


Cons of steam cleaning

The main concerns attached to steam cleaning are chemical residue and mould. Most steam cleaners today use environmentally friendly chemicals which are harmless to those with sensitivities. But as mould can occur if water is left too long in the carpet, or if not removed completely, it’s critical you know how to complete the technique properly.



The final verdict

Ultimately, a combination of both is the most effective strategy. Purchasing a high-grade vacuum allows you to keep the surface of your carpet clean regularly, while steam cleaning on a semi-regular basis ensures deeply rooted dirt particles aren't damaging your flooring.


If in doubt, always ask an expert, like those at Melbourne Centravac. We can help you find the right solution to your needs and budget.