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Make sure you clean out your vacuum regularly


You use it to clean your house, but when was the last time you cleaned your vacuum cleaner? And I don’t just mean emptying the bag (on a central vacuum system) or dirt receptacle (on bag-less models or ducted vacuum cleaner/systems). I mean a full, pull-apart-the-machine type of clean.


Doing a full clean out on a regular basis is an absolute necessity for anyone using a vacuum cleaner. And is almost as important as the actual act of vacuum cleaning in the first place.



Vacuum cleaners are built to clean, sucking up not only visible dirt and dust, but dead skin cells, hair and old food scraps.  The average human sheds 1 million skin cells per hour, which then accumulate on your floors and in your carpets and are then sucked up into your vacuum cleaner. These need to be cleaned up.


If you are sucking these up continually with a dirty vacuum cleaner, it can compromise the efficiency of your vacuum – meaning you have to vacuum more to get the same result. Plus, it just makes sense – a clean vacuum cleaner will produce a clean house. And by that logic, a dirty vacuum cleaner can’t be doing much to help clean your house.


If you skip cleaning your vacuum cleaner that not only means your house no longer looks clean, but no longer is clean. Hidden dust, dirt, food and skin particles can encourage dust mites, bed bugs and bacteria – all of which can be minimised by a good, clean vacuum.


It’s a simple step, and if you truly value your vacuum (not to mention the hygiene of your house) you won’t want to be spending money on expensive repairs or even worse, replacing it.



Your vacuum manual should come with maintenance and cleaning instructions, so the best way to clean your vacuum is in accordance with those. For example, if you have an Electrolux vacuum system, check out either your manual or the Electrolux website to get the best tips on how to clean your specific machine.


Can’t find your manual?

No worries. The basics of cleaning your vacuum cleaner involve emptying the bag or the dirt receptacle (somewhat obviously). If you have a bag-less model, wipe down the inside of the dirt receptacle with either a dry microfibre cloth or a wet wipe.


The brush and vacuum head are the first point of contact with dust and dirt, so you want them to be working at their best at all times. We’ve all pulled out stray hairs or hunks of dust that have forcefully settled into the brush fibres. Basically, cleaning the vacuum head is doing just that – removing all of the caught-up debris before giving it a thorough wipe out with either a dry microfibre cloth or a wet wipe.


This same method (dry microfibre or wet wipe) should be used to clean any other accessible part of the machine (i.e. the hose, motor etc.) to prevent a build-up of dirt.


Important Tip: If you’re using a wet wipe, wait until your vacuum cleaner is 100% bone dry before using it. This applies to all types of vacuum cleaners. Water is not supposed to be into your vacuum cleaner, and using it before it’s had a chance to fully dry can cause internal damage to the vacuum cleaner and you risk electrocution. Just wait, be patient.