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Hide-a-Hose Retractable Systems are retractable. The hose is stored in the central vacuum tubing in the wall. Not your closet. Pull. Vacuum. Retract. That's smart.

Pick up an attachment and vacuum carpet, tile, hardwood, stairs, windowsills, baseboards, upholstery, curtains, cupboards, fans, lint traps, mattresses, pet beds, cobwebs, over, under, down low, up high. That's smart.

The central vacuum power unit is installed in the garage or mechanical room. The noise is away from your living space. That's smart.

Invest in your home with with a central vacuum system that has a life expectancy of 20+ years, keeping broken down portables out of landfill. That's smart.


Dirt is removed through the central vacuum piping in the wall, not stirred up recirculating in the air. No more drifting particles, no more vacuum smell, giving your allergies a break. That's healthy.

Hide-a-Hose Retractable Systems are powerful. Central vacuum power units up to 5 times more powerful than portable vacuums. More power. Less dirt. That's healthy.

How does Hide-A-Hose work?


A light-weight hose is stored in the piping behind each port. Simply

open the door, pull out the hose ( up to 18 mtrs ), engage the lock

and attach the cleaning tool of your choice. Turn it on, and begin cleaning

your entire house.


When you're finished, disconnect the handle, disengage the lock, and

watch the suction from the vacuum power unit retract the hose back into the wall.

The retractable hose travels freely through the tubing inside the wall that is connected

to the central vacuum power unit. No more carrying a hose

from inlet to inlet. A clean hose is that simple!