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HUSKY Whisper 2 power unit, 25 years warranty

Item Code: WHISP
Price:  $1,999.00

HUSKY Whisper 2 power unit, 25 years warranty

Item Code: WHISP
Price:  $1,999.00

Suitable for large to extra large homes, 10+ points


Husky Whisper 2

Husky WHISPER 2 Central Vacuum System

Ultra-Quiet Central Vacuum Power Unit.

Patented design. Among the quietest central vacuum systems on the market. 680 Air Watts of cleaning power with or without paper bags.

Peace of mind. The Ultra-quiet Q WHISPER is one of the quietest central vacuum systems you can find. It’s patented design cuts down on the decibels without diminishing vacuum power.

The Hybrid cyclonic  WHISPER also provides dual filtration. It’s mould-resistant polypropylene filter (97.5% efficiency @ 0.1 um) is easily removable, machine washable and dryable. Add to that our unique disposable bag offering little resistance to air flow, and you simply have the best filtration system.

A smart LED display module indicates when it is time to change the bag or empty the canister, clean the filter or perform maintenance.

Low noise, dual filtration and 680 Air Watts of Cleaning power make the  WHISPER one of Husky’s top-of-the-line models.

Technical Specification

Model No

Electrical Requirement

Air Watts

Max Depression (H2O)

Max Air Flow


Canister Type/ Size

Q Whisper

220-240 V
50/60 Hz
1853W max, 8 A


148 “/ 3759 mm

62.9 l/s /
129.8 pi3/min (CFM)

 830 mm high x
349 mm dia 

 34.5 litres
30 litres (bag)